Harriers Online

Harriers Online : www.harriers-online.co.uk


This is my own personal site and the one that lead to the creation of Webamaze fifteen years ago.

It has been through many changes over the years (since 1999) from a rather basic Frontpage type of site through to a Frames site that was rather clunky to navigate but I was still learning back then. In 2005 Harriers Online changed to a templated site and, with a few tweaks here and there, it remained the same for ten years.

The next transformation came in June 2017 when I moved it all across to a WordPress site using the Red Waves template. It’s still a lot of hard work though 🙂

Harriers Online is now on its fourth hosting company (I use the brilliant TSOHOST) and to date has received over 2,050,000 unique visitors.