Development & Design

This is the first stage of creating your website with Webamaze.

Using Development & Design we work hand in hand with you as we talk about what you want your website to look like and how it will work. A home visit is essential so that the basics like hosting, naming, colours, graphics and content can be discussed.  Once we have decided what is best for you we will then start work on some design ideas that should take no longer than a week.  That same evening we arrange and pay your hosting and domain name together.  

That is then your property, your commitment to the project and your responsibility to renew when needed!

At the same time all we ask from you is content and that is where you really do need to be involved.  We need you to go away and write up what you want us to put on the page because, after all, you know your subject far better than we do.  It doesn’t need to be an essay or a Lord of the Rings type of blockbuster.  Just rough notes about what you want to say and we can then format that to suit.

We will then keep in contact with you while the site is built (hopefully within a month) and then when the big launch day comes we get together again and go through any processes with you, supply you with written instructions and the bill.

Hopefully we’ll have some happy bunnies.