Search Engine Optimisation

You want to be seen.  Everyone wants to be seen and the way that your website will be seen is on Google Search.

The holy grail is to be at number one in the rankings for your search terms and if your site is unique then that is where you’ll be with the right Search Engine Optimisation (SEO for short)  Webamaze will help you get there to the best of our ability but you must remember that not everyone can be at number one so sometimes you need to accept number two or three.

The way to achieve good ranking is to have links on your site to other  websites that bear some relationship to yours and for those sites to link back to you.  You also need good content, updated at sensible periods, that contain keywords to promote your site and will also be picked up by Google.

It’s a fine science when you use SEO and Webamaze are here to help.